Winter at the seaside


I didn’t know about the gem that is Southwold until Mrs F took me there just recently. She spent time there as a child and remembers squealing with delight as the waves came crashing in while she sat on the wooden breakwaters. The much-photographed picturesque beach huts haven’t changed nor has the iconic lighthouse. The pier that was crumbling and tatty then has since had a massive renovation hosting boutiques, restaurants and a spectacular water clock.

The flat landscape of Suffolk is its blessing and its curse. The area bathes in unobstructed sunlight,creating spectacular vistas for artists and photographers,but the coast is constantly under threat from the sea. It is hard to imagine that picturesque Dunwich,further along the coast,was back in the 11th century a major seaport and naval base. Over the centuries its harbour and buildings were swept away in a series of storms and now only a tiny village remains.

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