Marathon Day on the Isle of Dogs

I love the way Londoners come together on Marathon Day with such enthusiasm and generous spirit. The Isle of Dogs is about two thirds along the route and offers runners noisy support when they need it most! We walked around the island from Mudchute up to Canary Wharf and back round via Marsh Wall. Huge crowds were gathered at Canary Riverside, and all around the island local residents and charities lined the route cheering well into the afternoon to encourage the slower entrants.

My respect and admiration goes out to all runners and particularly to the those strong enough or mad enough to do it with back packs, rhino outfits, fancy dress and even barefoot.

Tiredness takes many forms

Spectators keen to see as much as they can

Amidst the sweat and determination, there's the fun side

Support and kindness from strangers and friends

Till next year!

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